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Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economics Review (RJSSER) is a peer-reviewed academic Journal. It is an open access multi-disciplinary research based Journal that considers scholarly articles covering Social Sciences and Economics disciplines. The domain of Social Sciences embraces the academic disciplines concerned with individuals and society and the mutual interactions between individuals and society. The domain of Economics studies individuals, businesses, governments and even nations to satisfy their wants and needs in order to lead prosperous life and also enables the society to mold itself according to the prevailing circumstances.

Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economics Review (RJSSER) publishes research based articles in its domains. In explaining the social and economics domains, including Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, Economics, Linguistic and Literature, Comparative Economics, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Education and its Evaluation, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cross-cultural Studies, Demographical Studies, Ethics, History, Islamic Studies, Global Pedagogies, Philosophy, Political Science, Politics, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology and Sociolinguistic and Online & Distance Learning. RJSSER also accepts articles related to Law, Physical and Special Education. To meet the requirements of an International Journal, RJSSER intends to facilitate the worldwide exchange of theories in different fields of Social Sciences and Economics. It also encourages contributions from different educational systems and cultures around the world.

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