Association of Social Support and Type ‘A’ Personality with Students Distinction at University Level

  • Tabassum Faiz Soleheria PhD Scholar, Institute of Education & Research, University of Peshawar
  • Amjad Reba Assistant Professor, Institute of Education & Research, University of Peshawar
Keywords: Social Support, Type A Pattern, Distinction, University Level, Success, Personality


This study sought to find out the association between social supports and Type 'A' personality patterns with students' distinction at the university level. The study has two objectives and two hypotheses. The study was conducted at the University of Peshawar and various departments of the University were randomly selected; the sample included Thirty (30) purposively selected participants. All the respondents were those who were high achievers in their respective departments. A quantitative approach was used to analyze the study findings. The sample consisted of 30 students, and about 60% of them were classified as Type 'A' and the categorization was based on scores they obtained on the Type 'A' scale. The results revealed a momentous association between personality patterns and academic distinction. Results demonstrated that Type 'A' students are more dominant, responsible, and academically successful; they have a happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic personality. It is also revealed through results that the factor of social support is highly significant and shows that academic success depends on social support in great deal. These findings suggest that family help, emotional support, and social environment have an important role in individual success in educational lives. High scorers have a better family interaction pattern than other students who have minimal or no social support. The study recommended that for stakeholders. Parental awareness programs about the significance of family interaction must be provided through various gatherings like parent-teacher associations.  Teachers should help their students to become more confident and to express their ideas and views freely. Their support will increase the chances of greater academic success in their life.

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Tabassum Faiz Soleheria, & Amjad Reba. (2024). Association of Social Support and Type ‘A’ Personality with Students Distinction at University Level. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 5(2), 1-9.