Exploring the Impact of Islamic Literature on Social Behavior: Investigating the Dynamics of Truthfulness in Society

  • Hina Saleem Lecturer, Department of English, NUML University Multan
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil Lecturer, Department of English Wah College
  • Dr. Safia Siddiqui Assistant Professor, Department of English Literature, Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Keywords: Islamic literature, Social Identity Theory, IPO Model, Truthfulness, Social Behaviour


This quantitative study explores the impact of Islamic literature on social behavior by investigating the dynamics of truthfulness in society. The research aims to examine the extent to which individuals' truth-telling behavior is influenced by Islamic beliefs and teachings. Social Identity Theory was used as a theoretical framework and Input-process- Out model was used as a analysis model. The study utilizes a questionnaire-based approach to collect data from a diverse sample of 140 participants with 80males and 60 females. The study seeks to provide insights into how Islamic literature shapes individuals' truth-telling behavior and its impact on social interactions. The findings of this research contribute to a better understanding of the role of Islamic literature in promoting truthfulness and ethical conduct within society. In all ten questionnaires, the second and third Likert scale options, namely "slightly agree" and "moderately agree," obtained the highest percentages. This indicates that respondents were less inclined to strongly agree with the principle of truthfulness, which is considered a fundamental principle in the Islamic religion. the findings affirmed the positive impact of Islamic literature on social behavior, although practical implementation remained a challenge. The implications of this study can inform educators, policymakers, and community leaders in their efforts to foster a culture of truthfulness and integrity in diverse social settings.

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Hina Saleem, Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil, & Dr. Safia Siddiqui. (2023). Exploring the Impact of Islamic Literature on Social Behavior: Investigating the Dynamics of Truthfulness in Society. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 4(2), 151-160. https://doi.org/10.36902/rjsser-vol4-iss2-2023(151-160)