A Study of Leadership Styles of Administrators and its Perceived Impact on Morale of Elementary School Educators in Pakistan

  • Fatima Saddique MPhil Scholar, Department of Education, Virtual University, Lahore Pakistan.
  • Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja PhD in Leadership and Management from UCL Institute of Education. University of London, UK.
Keywords: Leadership Styles, School administrators, Educators, Morale, Elementary Schools.


This research investigated the influence of democratic leadership practices of elementary school administrators on the morale of educators. It was also an attempt to explore how democratic leadership style of administrators, develop high morale among elementary school educators in Pakistan. For the purpose, 22 administrators and 20 school educators in federal government educational institutes contributed to the study. Mixed methods research design was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data that helped to answer the research questions. The Leadership styles questionnaire developed by Northouse (2009) was used to collect quantitative information regarding democratic, authoritarian, and laissez-fare leadership styles of the administrators. The interview guide developed by Littleford (2007) was used to collect qualitative information of educators’ morale. It helped to collect detailed information regarding the research variables. The educator’s personal experiences were considered in one–on-one interview, The results indicated that out of 22 schools 16 were practicing democratic leadership style, 1 school was practicing authoritarian leadership style, 4 were practicing both democratic and authoritarian leadership style and 1 school administrator was practicing laissez-fare leadership style. Themes induced from the qualitative data, using thematic analysis approach of the educators’ interview indicated that administrators’ leadership styles influenced moral of the educators. These findings showed that elementary educators' morale was high due to democratic leadership style of the school administrators.

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Fatima Saddique, & Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja. (2023). A Study of Leadership Styles of Administrators and its Perceived Impact on Morale of Elementary School Educators in Pakistan. Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review, 4(1), 38-45. https://doi.org/10.36902/rjsser-vol4-iss1-2023(38-45)